Friday, January 15, 2010

Nritarutya in Kala Soudha Inagural Festival on Sunday Jan 17th

Nritarutya an Indian Contemporary Dance Company, brings to an audience, that modern India, never explored before. Through a varied vocabulary of movement arts, It excels in its thematic Presentations of the dance pieces. Every Presentation of Nritarutya carries an immaculate sense of energy and sync with the theme and music. Inspirations are drawn from the colours of Indian Tradition and culture.

The performances lined up for the show at the inauguration are Mars, Peacock, Lakshmi, and the Premiere of youth wing showcase of Phase-off.

Each of these pieces carry a difference in their essence, and sophistication. Elaborate props to presentation of young themes to sprinkling of auspicious aura through the space, reflect and highlight the performances.

A see-saw, right on the stage, is a part of the electrifying dance piece MARS, the dancers, display that high energy and exceptionally tricky acrobatic skills and bring the music to life.

Peacock is a dance to devarnama, dance of two peacocks in their eager await of the blue skinned warrior. 

To the tunes of the Bhimsen Joshi's Bhajan of Bhagyadalakshmi, Dancers pay homage to the eight forms of Lakshmi!

Youth wing- Their First showcase ever, Phase off. Its a premiere of the team of young kids, that have been training under Nritarutya. Phase off is a dance piece on the phases in the life of the youth. 

These are a watch, as the Team shall tap through the experience of life, the one that is sublime.It all will be with a difference, the one that has never been seen before!

Its a free entry for all, Details about booking and contact details are available at or RSVP right now on 9880487682.

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