Friday, February 26, 2010

Treadmill(Hindi Play)

Treadmill’ A Hindi Play that is a common journey of exploring personal memories of people in towns of India.

Treadmill at its first glance is a comedy in the simplest sense of the world. In its simple manner it looks at the various instances of our lives when we continuously run but without ever getting anywhere. The metaphor of the treadmill looms throughout the play, in its content and in its form , where images, instances , memories repeat but are interpreted afresh by everyone in their own way .The play looks at relationships between a man and his world. These relationships map out a closer glance at all those special moments and relationships that we remember but do not have the time to reflect upon in our day to day lives, in our imaginary treadmills.

Cast : Vivek VijaykumaranSandeep ShikharWriter : Sandeep ShikharDirector: Abhishek MajumdarLights: Pritam KumarAsst Director: Ashwini Kumar ChakreDesign: Pratyush Singh Production Control: R Manjunatha Timing: 7:30 p.mFor telebookings contact : 9742097296

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