Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blackened Petals by AAKT on May 16, 2010

Blackened Petals

A vivid drama with sublime touches of dark comedy that follows the life of an innocent village girl Jasmine, who is married to Jim, an arrogant workaholic from the city, while Geoff, a man who secretly loves her, looks on as his hopes of one day being with the woman he loves are cruelly crushed; a usual event which ensues when secrecy looms large over love.

Jasmine, now living in the city, realizing that Jim seemed to love his work far more then her, stumbles upon a middle aged unmarried and fiscally unsettled stranger, Robby, who lends a shoulder to support her and wins Jasmine's heart as Jim never could. Robby’s heart melts when one noon Jasmine takes off her wedding ring to support the living of herself and her new found love; a shamed and broken Robby suggests that they visit his well-off and gullible old aunt who lives alone; The relationship heads towards a new corridor with a new person in their lives. Will Jasmine find someone new again, with both pockets and hearts or will somebody from the past haunt her again in an abysmally different approach?

If so, how will Jasmine, now standing on the thin, fractured wall which separates principles and desires, find a way out? As the voices of mirth and trust echoes in her ears, will she retell herself what love is?

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