Friday, January 28, 2011

RangaAayama 3

K H Kala Soudha celebrated its first year anniversary this week with four day event RangaAayama 3. Event was organized for four days from Jan 23-26. We showcased Drama, Dance, Movie and Music performance. All the events got good feedback from audience. During the event we also conducted free workshops and paining competition. Full details of the event below

Sunday - January 23, 2011
1000-1900: Painting competition DETAILS
1430-1730: FREE Theatre Workshop by WeMove
1830-1900: Workshop production presentation
1910-1920: The Indian Rainbow by We Move
1920-1940: Lighting of lamp & inauguration
1940-2055: Drama Hosabealku
Monday - January 24, 2011
1430-1730: FREE Dance Workshop by Mioi Nakayama
1845-1915: Workshop production presentation
1930-2040: Medha Dixit's Dance Showcase
Tuesday - January 25, 2011
1430-1730: FREE Script Writing Workshop by Giriraj BM
1845-1915: Workshop presentation
1930-2040: Navilaadavaru Movie Screening
Wednesday - January 26, 2011
1430-1730: FREE Music Workshop by Pradeep B V
1845-1915: Workshop presentation
1915-1930: Prize distribution of Painting competition
1930-2040: Bhaavayama Music Showcase

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