Friday, April 15, 2011

Simple is difficult - Play

Simple is difficult - Play
Group : Joshi Chitra
Director : Vinayak Joshi

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Telebooking: +91 80 4206 4969

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    Its really hard to define simplicity in our life. it varies from every individual. In the course of simplifying our life we have complicated it like a twisted coil. people have changed mentally and habitually over a period of time. An average 40 year old person's idea about youth is entirely different from the present youth.

On the occasion of late.Vasudev Joshi's 4th year memorial, joshi chitra makes an attempt to define 'simplicity'. It is not a story but a theatrical representation of facts and stories around us in our daily life.

A 23 year old youngster makes an attempt to convey something beyond his experience, but it will be enacted by experienced personalities such as Master Hirannayya, T N Seetharam, Pradeep Kumar and Nagaraj Kote. 16th century philosopher who poetically conveyed all his thoughts is again remembered by reworking on all his works and presenting it accordingly to todays genre. an experiment of bringing theater, film and music together under one theme.

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