Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wakeup call - Play

Starring: Vasundhara Das & others
Group : Chilsag Chillies - http://www.chilsag.com/
Director: Sachin Gupta
Language: Hindi

Date : 3rd June 2011 @ 7.30 PM
Book tickets at - http://indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=1659

About Play:
The Society is coming to an end. Along with are the values which have entered a deadlock. It's a new generation that takes birth. A generation without any purpose with no one to show the right direction. The days of trust seem to be long gone. There is an unusual darkness surrounding our Society today, what can be seen through this darkness is not the truth but still people seem to be behind that's what is not real...what is not the truth.

About Chilsag Chillies Theatre Company
Chilsag International is non profit Indian Theatre organization founded by Sachin Gupta in 2003. In its 7 year history, the Chilsag has produced Twelve original theatre productions, international tours, Launched a Theatre magazine, established Theatre Laboratory and, through its reputed acting Academy, trained hundreds of new actors. Chilsag International also maintains a global network of research centers in key cities around the world that provide inputs on the latest in world theatre.

About Sachin Gupta,Playwright & Theatre Director
Professionally Sachin Gupta is a qualified software engineer. By passion he is qualified to dream big and contribute positively and continuously in the field of Theatre. He has explored all fields of theatre and stage production; written and directed 12 plays addressing various sensitive and important social issues, even through musicals and comedy productions. While on his mission to contribute positively in the arena of theatre, he has trained more than 150 actors in various acting workshops under the theatre academy he began.

He has written & directed Twelve theatre productions so far which includes Celebration Of life, Suicide is Painless, Handicapped City, Great Mind at Work, No Cheating Today, Don't miss my Party, Devil's Carnival, Live Telecast, Next Indian Idol, Kailashnath Weds Madhumati, A Roller Coaster Ride, and Wake Up Call.

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