Sunday, March 21, 2010

Night of January 16 (English)

What happened on the Night of January 16th?

A startlingly successful international tycoon, the head of a vast financial empire – is dead. Who is responsible for his death? Is it a cold-blooded murder, or the suicide of a man too proud live less than a king?
It all comes down to the testimony of those around him – the men and women who knew him best.
Only you, the audience, can decide.
The play is a courtroom drama with a jury selected from the audience. The play has been critically acclaimed as a timeless masterpiece that accurately reflects the sentiments of the jury in each generation

Night of January 16thA play in 3 acts by Ayn Rand7 pm, 25th and 26th March 2010
K H Kala Soudha
Ramanjaneya Temple Compound

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