Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Nara-Simha yuddham -- ondu premada kathe"
on April 9th & 11th @ KH kalasoudha

is's second feature presentation. Although it is ostensibly a take on prevalent political scenarios, it also ensconces within itself a gentle love story. The lead character, the Prime Minister, is an unbelievably farcical character. Being a former dramatic actor, he runs his cabinet much as a medieval monarch, with musicians and jesters in his office. The man who brought him to his seat of power from the stage is the Home Minister. A Machiavellian character who is, to his great alarm, slowly losing control over his own puppet, the Prime Minister.

The central event of the play occurs when the Prime Minister, in an emotional moment, proposes a vote of no-confidence against his own government. The man who faces the Prime Minister in the subsequent elections is ace former first class cricketer Simha. A man who believes everyone is trivial before God and decides to plunge into politics, unable to swallow the plight of the nation any more. In the midst of this pitched political battle, the Home Minister embarks on a love affair with media personality Megha. Does the Prime Minister survive the elections? Does Simha emerge triumphant instead? Does the Home Minister get the girl in the end? While answering these questions, the play also looks at political rallies, campaign speeches, generously made empty promises, the media, the manipulation of controversies by politicians to their benefit and other issues.

Continuing in the grand tradition of satire in Kannada stage history, "Nara-Simha Yuddham" aspires to be a significant step in the same path for It will be staged on the 9th of April, 2010(a Friday), at 7:30 PM and on the 11th of April, 2010(a Sunday), at 6:30 PM at the Kengal Hanumantaiah Kala Soudha ( in Hanumantanagar. We hope you enjoy the show.

For tickets,
call 9900128840 / 9900788939 OR email us at

Tickets priced at Rs. 70.


Apeksha,Harish Kumar,Harsh Joshi,Arjun Sharma,Suneel Raghavendra,Karthik Rao,Nishanth ,Pai Sushruta,Sujith, Yogesh BM, Skanda

Incidentally directed by
Suneel Raghavendra

And Introducing!!!!!
the Common Star!!!!
R. S. Hedgewar

Special item appearance
A. O. Hume

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