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An Indian adaptation

Date – 4th December date- 5th December

Time – 4p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Time- 3 p.m. and 6 .p.m

Venue k.h. kalasoudha

Tickets RS 150 duration - 70 mins

An Indian adaptation of woody Allen’s rib tickler in a never seen before avatar.

A very famous American troupe is bound to come down and perform the play in India. But due to a last minute confusion they don’t turn up and the owner of the theatre is amidst confusion to resolve the issue when the tickets have already been sold out. And then he hires an Indian group to perform god and there the chaos and confusion begins, and leaves the audience in splits.

And then they perform god –

An actor and writer caught in a philosophical conversation embark on the search for the end... The end of a play, i.e. Watch as the lines between reality and play blur, not to mention the lines between logic and insanity, also the lines between the ordinary and the absurd. God by Woody Allen is one the veteran filmmaker's most absurd metaphysical play that questions the relationship between God and humans. Set among the Greeks in around 500 BC the play wastes no time jumping to modern references and out of place characters to keep the audience laughing.

Don’t miss God...

“ when chaos entertained “ – the new Indian express

“ a hilarious play “ – deccan herald

“ the actors had the audiences hooting with laughter , the unexpected and the absurd made for a good evening's entertainment “ - citizen matters

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