Thursday, November 25, 2010

Strangeness of Reality - Play in English

An actor. A perfect life. And then one day, his world comes tumbling over.

Why? Whatever happens, is it true? Whatever he feels, is it real?

Will he be able to prevent it? Whom should he trust?

His wife? His friend? Brother? Or himself?

These questions and their realities are an integral part of this concept.

A intriguing tale of belief, hatred, love, helplessness and the underlying shades which takes you on a ride through that one day, the day when everything changed.

TheAtrix Democratic Actor’s Association of Misf!t presents, Strangeness of Reality, to be staged at KH Kala Soudha, Hanumantha Nagar(Beside RamAnjaneya Temple) on the 28th of November, 7PM.

Akshay Prabhu
Amit Ranjan Sahu
Karan Tilak Kumar
Rency Philip
Ankur Agarwal
Praveen Kumar

Written by: Amit Ranjan Sahu

Directed by: Amit Ranjan Sahu and Praveen Kumar

Tickets are available at:

Telebooking - 9916428394

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