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Peace Elephant Train

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Bornfree Art School is a special school for working, street and bonded labour children. It aims to bring children of the streets back to the main stream of education and society through learning dance, music, theater, sculpting, painting, and film-making. The Bornfree is a social movement endeavoring to produce a culture of liberation for the217 million toiling children of the world half of them in India
Bornfree has been performing theatrical pieces about the issue of working children, peace, gender discrimination, environmental issues among others, through art and artistic expressions,
This year, we present Heiwa Zou Resha ~Peace Elephant Train; a puppet-dance- Circus theater production .
It is all about animal-man conflict, children in war and peace, the defense and the protection of our wild life and children’s rights. Zou Resha is especially dedicated to save our Tigers and our elephants.
based on the real story in which participated Pandit Jahawarlal Nehru, as he gifted the Baby Elephant Indira to Japan. The philosophical binding of India and Japan is through the value of non-violence practiced by Mahatma Gandhiji and the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution which prohibits Japan from having an army.
Heiwa Zou Resha Story
Set in the beginning of the Second World War, it is about the plight of the zoo animals that have no way of protesting against an unnecessary war. When bombs are falling on Japan and there is no food for people. The Curator is pleading for food for the animals in Nagoya Zoo. Instead of getting supplies, he is asked to shoot down the animals. He is questioned ‘Who is more important, human beings or animals? Indeed this is such a diabolical question. The lion, bears and cheetah are shot dead, two elephants die of starvation; and the curator is struggling to save the last two elephants. In 1945, two atomic bombs were thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan was completely destroyed. During the democratization process, thousands of children from Tokyo and all over Japan are asking for the elephants to be brought to their cities; which is impossible. The railway authorities respond by introducing a special train, from Tokyo to Nagoya called the Elephant train.
From India with love:Jawaharlal Nehru the then prime minister of India heard about this story and made a magnanimous gift to the children of Japan. He gave a baby Elephant, Indira as a present to the children of Japan Children of Asia will walk with India to Japan with the Heiwa Zou Resha………
Culture of Peace
Wars and Children; Children are the first victims of war followed by women. There are 134 million working children in India. Every tenth Indian is a working child. Everything we use in our daily lives are products of child labour The narrative follows a chronology of events before, during and after the war bringing it to the contemporary world of nuclear wars and offer the Kempo Kyujo as the solution. Kempo Kyujo is the Article 9 of the Japanese constitution which prohibits the country from forming an army, getting armed with nuclear weapons and joining wars. While there are 30 000 Nuclear war weapons in 10 countries of the world Twenty five countries like Costa Rica have banned their armies. They have almost 100% literacy rate instead. We wish to spread the idea of Kempo Kyujo as well.

Peace Museum
The urgent necessity of spreading the most profound idea of Kempo Kyujo to school children youth and to society has brought forward the Peace Museum. Peace Museum or the Museum against war also called the Shanthi Path will trace the history of war though the ages. In the last 5000 years of human history there have been only 147 years of Peace the rest have been spent on killing. History of man is the history of war. and show case images, information about the II world war, Atomic bombing of Hiroshima ~Nagasaki and its effects. The American war against Vietnam, Pol Pot in Cambodia, The Pak~ Bangladesh war, The Indo~ China war, The Indo Pak Wars and its running conflicts, Communal conflicts. The US armed forces presence in Okinava, The Palestine Israel conflict. Shanthi path will highlight the peace movements with song, music film, theater and dance presentation on Peace.
The peace Museum will also draw membership for the peace campaign and run the peace activities on a voluntary basis. In collaboration with the Peace study center Hiroshima it will register, students teachers to take up peace courses in the universities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a perspective of establishing peace study centers in Schools and colleges of Bangalore.

Opening on October 2nd 2011 Gandhi Jayanthi
The Peace Museum will be open on the 2nd October 2011 on Gandhi Jayanthi In its premises of KH Kalasoudha, Hanumanthnagar with a performance of Heiwa Zou Resha Dr Steve Leeper, Director of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial park will present the Peace study Program And draw interest to the peace study
This invitation is specially sent to heads of Education Institutions, teachers, Peace activists, Artists, Writers, Theater persons. Participation possible only by prior confirmation. Seats limited to 400.
Entry free, however voluntary contributions are expected. All funds accrued will go towards the education and liberation of toiling children and to support the production of Artistic expressions and to run the Peace Museum.

Thanking you. 

John Devaraj                                               Mioi Nakayama
Artistic Director                                           Co-Director 
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