Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bandavalvilladha Badaayi

Group : Rangatantra
Duration : 90min
Dir : Mahadevprasad

Ranga Tantra, a group of professionals passionate about theater will organize their first Haasya Naatakotsava on Sep 24, and Sep 25, featuring two comedy plays. Bandvaal Villada Badayi depicts the story of a lawyer who is "Practice Challenged". His interaction with his clients and how he gets fooled finally because of his "badaayi" is very well depicted in the play which has the classical Kailasam humour in it. Lock out alla Knock Out: a modern day social play depicts the situation of a husband whose factory is locked out and how his father comes to the son's rescue. Narasimha Murthy's comedy makes the situation lighter and enjoyable.

Bandvaal villada badayi loosely translates to bluffing with no bounds. The central character of this play is Ahoblu Rao, a practicing lawyer who is practice challenged. While his limited courtroom success partly explains his living condition, his is a story sourced by a no-nonsense wife, getting nowhere son, assistants who expect to be paid for their services and clients who don't expect to pay. So don't be harsh on him if he occasionally engages in shameless self-promotion.

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