Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nannavala Kagada - Kannada Play

Group : WeMove Theatre
Time : 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Date : Oct 2nd 2011
Under the Guidance of Abhishek Iyengar and Sriharsha Grama, Directed by hanuram  sanjeev and Presented by Rangaraj Bhatracharya, Music by Abhishek Narain

Cast:- Anup Shenoy, Divyashree, Keerthi, Ranjan Siddapa, SriHarsha Grama, Srikanth Bhatracharya and Radhika Narayan

After successfully staging plays like "T.P.K Marali baa" and "Malgudi Daze" and "NAMMA METRO" across Bangalore, Chennai, pune and receiving good critical and popular reviews from media houses and people, WeMove theatre now brings back on its old play called "Nannavala Kagada" written by S. Gundurao in a whole new flavor on stage.

Nannavala Kagada play can be coined as "Old wine in a new jar" a humorous play, WeMove theatre intends to spread the awareness of "Letter writing" among the younger generation through this play. The play is set to enthrall the audience with a new look designed to suit the present generation, it is long believed among the audience that theatre is just for intense and certain set of audience; WeMove's new Nannavala Kagada is believed to break this jinx and make theatre and plays approachable and attractive to a wider set of people.

Nannavala kagada is a humorous play; the main protagonist of the play is supposed to be a Kannada poet who is admired to write poetic verses for his house helper's upcoming Bayalu Nataka (Musical drama). On the other hand, the helper dreams of giving the best performance in the upcoming village fair with the help of his master's poetic talents; least he knows about his own ability to act. The play then takes a different route when the post man of the village encounters the helper when he is busy practicing for his musical drama. At the same time his wife, a typical middle class woman who is an illiterate condemns her husband's ability to be a poet. Upset by his wife's poor support, the hero of the play teases his wife as an illiterate. This is where the wife challenges her husband and pledges to read and write within a month?s time. What happens next in the letter is the core of the play. The play is integrated using 'patches' technique of theatre and is presented overall by a wonderful original theme music. The music is definitely set to surprise the audience of kannada theatre.

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