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SHOONYA, Music of the World

SHOONYA, Music of the World

The Sanskrit word Shoonya translates to “Nothingness” - the Indian concept of how everything comes into being from nothingness. This ancient Indian concept could not be truer for music. Shoonya the band takes inspiration from their “nothingness” to create some of the most eclectic and genre defying music.

Shoonya  is a platform for people from various artistic backgrounds to introduce their musical ideas into the mix, and have at some point worked with art forms ranging from theatre and dance to electronic music. Beyond  their genre defying experiments in contemporary music, Shoonya attempt to address a most basic and necessary function – conveying to the listener the pure joy of music.

Ashok Kumar:  Band leader

The time keeper of the band could not have a more interesting profile. Ashok began his musical journey with the tabla, before stumbling upon the West African drum, the djembe. He fell in love with the sounds and
the possibilities of the instrument and decided to bring it in as the backbone of the band. Ashok has married the djembe to a host of electronic instruments besides the regular wind and stringed instruments  ranging from the saxophone to the guitar. He regularly travels to various countries in his capacity as a specialist in using music for education and therapy.

Besides his musical interests, Ashok is also an accomplished theater actor and director. He uses his theatre and music experiences to address  a vast range of social concerns and has worked with everyone from theater actors to foreign students and street children.

Shoonya is performing at K H KalaSoudha on Jan 28, 2012 as part of RangaAayama festival

Click here for more details about the band.

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