Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play - Sunshine Boys

Play: Sunshine Boys

Playwright: Neil Simon.

Director: Anirudh Acharya.
Troupe: Dramacracy.
Date and Time : 01/04/11 at 8:00 PM

'The Sunshine Boys' a comedy by Neil Simon is a classic. Written as a tribute to Vaudeville stars, this play travels through lives of two kings of comedy Willie Clark and Al Lewis, who have grown up to hate each other in the past 11 years after a successful 43 years of team work. Humour runs throughout the play, as these two stars in their seventies are asked to come together for the last time for a show. What happens is for you to find out! The Sunshine Boys was later turned into a movie. It was also nominated for the coveted, Tony Award.

Tickets @ Rs.200/-.
Contact Ahmed / Vijay  - 9986984878, 9008877900 for more details

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