Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day is being celebrated at Kala Soudha this Sunday, March 27, 2011
Entry to all events FREE (Only ticketed show for the day is Dharmasthambha and is priced at Rs. 70)

10:30 Antharanga team presents Theater tunes & scenes
11:00 Antharanga and Rangasneha Balaga state the Theatre Day message.  The programme will be presided over by Dr. B V Rajaram, President of Karnataka Nataka Academy and Narendrababu, Secretary of Roopanthara.
11:30 Antharanga presents play Dharmasthambha, a play in Kannada (Tickets priced at Rs. 70)
16:00 Opening of John Devaraj's exhibition of photographs "I'm Homeless" and paintings on the same theme will be sold to aid Japanese tsunami victims. This would be inaugurated by 11 member Japanese's Group THE PEACE TEAM CHALLENGER
18:00 Kannada songs of world classics by children of Born Free Art School
18:10 "Shiroi Hana" a 26 minute peace ballet by John Devaraj & Children of Born Free Art School written and directed by John Devaraj, Choreographed by Mioi Nakayama, Reshma Ravikanth and Anand D , performed by the Bornfree Art School.
18:40 Thanksgiving speech by John Devaraj
19:00 Learn to do the "Tatte Dance"
19:30 Hosabelaku, a play in Kannada

For all further information please call 725 9998222 / 333
or mail or log on to

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